Tuesday, January 23, 2007

United Way Thank You

Thank you to all faculty and staff who donated so generously to the SFU United Way 2006/07 campaign: a whopping $156,310 was raised, which is 14.4% more than the previous year!

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the campaign a success - and a lot of fun for everyone. There were organizers at all three campuses, book and bake sale volunteers, prize donors, donations and payroll processors, a volunteer coordinator, department sponsors, pledge form mailers, sign and banner makers, auction coordinators, retired staff volunteers, and a web master. Thanks also to Facilities Management staff for all their work delivering books and setting up tables, to SFU's loaned representative to the Lower Mainland campaign, (which raised a total of 31.2 million dollars!), and to Renaissance Coffee for deliveries to various departments, through snow and sleet and rain!

Christine MacIntosh with LIDC has agreed to co-chair next year's campaign again (thanks!) and if you are interested in co-chairing please let her know - the planning for next year starts soon and it would be wonderful to get even closer to the ambitious $200,000 SFU campaign goal.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers:
Carolyn Reitzel, Debbie Owen, Gerrit Keizer, Jan Sanderson, Joe Van Snellenberg, Ken Thornton, Louise Morgan, Brenda Anderson, Michael Murdock, Norma Marier, Sue Digney, Sharon Hope, Sophie Lavieri, Wolfgang Richter, Marcy Tracey, Allan Tracey, Solveg Wilcox, Brenda Badgero, Lana Cooke, Michelle Harper, Suzanne Nazareno, Dal Sohal, Yasmin Jamal, Debbie Sandher, Cassie Strachan, Karen Hawthorne, James Atamanchuk, Alison Watt, Valerie Rodden, Fay Weir, Cheri Fiedler, Nello Angerilli, Chris Boutellier, John LaBrie, Anita Stepan, Armity Namiranian, Brenda Du Perron, Diane Whiteley, Elizabeth Starr, Enid Britt, Fiona Burrows, Gayle Meyers, Laurie Boyd, Michael Hayward, Gladys We, Brian Warsing, Jennifer Hsu, Natalie Makortoff, Anne Marie Barrett, Jessica Duguid, Suzanne Armour, Frank Pacella, Nicole Rogers, Yichun Dai, Sherry Nakamura, Daniel Jans, Mary Jane Clapton, Kirsten Masse, Heath Charest, Nina Smart, Anne McCaw, Anthony Chan, Margaret Brown, Anya Stec, Pat Graca, Anne Kalfa, Colleen Wood, Amy Nakamura, Chris Rohwedder, Dale Wikariuk, Katarina McKenzie, Susanne Nahm, Danae McLearn, Grenda Glover, Michael Berdan, Jason Brown, John Peters, Steven Williams, Hanif Kassam, Ken Huston, Maruizio Bardaro, Ilija Vuksan, Stephen Marshall, Richard Tuck, Lee Hanlan, Barb Ralph, Carla Graebner, Lilliana Hill, Lisa Grebinsky, Mavis Macmillen, Melani Monk, Shona Taner, Steven MacLean, Tim Rahilly, Paul Yeung, Susan Warren, Peter Valbonesi, Dawn Mann, Barry Shell, Raj Pabla, Lucie Menkveld, Tracy Bruneau, Van Truong, John Welch, Peggy Lacasse, Paul Crowe, Sam Black, Stephen Steele, Terry Heaps, Betty Schellenberg, Hilary Jones, Rohinee Lal, Sylvia Richardson, Brian Medford, Connie Smith, Larry Weldon, Jenni Koumoutaskis, Patricia Mooney, Yolanda Broderick, Christine Kurbis, Nadia Agosti, Joyce Black, Frances McLafferty, Arlette Stewart, Susan Villecroze, Erin Westwood, Susann Vlcek, Caryn Cameron, Leigh McGregor, Penny Freno, John Simmer, Terri Chanyungco, Jeff Rudd, Parminder Parhar, Carol Macmillan.

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