Thursday, January 25, 2007

openings on SFSS working group to assess CFS pros/cons

The SFSS has formed a working group to assess the costs and benefits of our membership in the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). This is a non-partisan working group, and it is open to all students. Anyone interested in helping out should contact Sasha Fox ( - the more people involved the better, since more people spreads out the work, and will help to ensure that students can feel confident that a balanced assessment has been made.

SFU students collectively spend appoximately $400,000 per year to be a member of the CFS. As with any major contract, it is advisable to periodically assess whether we are getting value for our money - this is the major mandate of this working group. This assessment comes in the wake of the CFS having denied our vote at the recent national meeting, as well as disputed allegations of financial mismanagement at the BC component of the CFS. The CFS is the largest canadian national student group, and provides some services to member students, as well as lobbying provinvial and national governments on issues of interest to students such as tuition fees.

Greetings all,
So the worknig group on our participation in the Canadian Federation of Students will meet three times before reporting back to the next forum.

The first meeting will be Thursday, February 1st at 15:30 in the meeting room next to the grad lounge
The second meeting will be Wednesday, February 7th at 16:30 in MBC 2296
The third meeting will be Tuesday, February 13th at 14:30 in Forum Chambers

Show up if you're interested in discussing the relationship between SFSS and the CFS.

-Sasha Fox
External Relations Officer, Simon Fraser Student Society
Undergraduate Representative on Senate