Thursday, January 25, 2007

Production Way bus loop to close; changes to 144, 135

It was reported to Forum yesterday that the Production Way bus loop will be shut down for approximately 1 year, starting sometime in early Feb (2nd week?). Riders will instead board the 145 beside Lougheed Highway, as they used to before the bus loop was opened. Apparently this is due to construction and the decision was made by the developer and the city. The decision is beyond the control of Translink. The SFSS is asking Translink to explore other options for covered shelter during this period. More information about this whole thing is availbale in an SFSS news release. Note: please see update on this subject.

Two extra buses have been/will soon be added to the 135 route for peak hours (7-10am & 3-6pm) so bus service should be every 5 minutes during this time (this was sheduled for Spring 2007, not sure if it's happened yet).

Also, there are future plans to add more 144 buses, and to change the 135 into an "express" bus route (which will result in faster service but fewer stops in Burnaby).