Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grad Host Speaker Nominees 2017

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List of Grad Host Speaker Nominees

Nominee: Megan Frederickson 

Brief Description: Megan is a Harvard fellow who incorporates traditional ecological approaches with newer molecular techniques to answer core questions about the evolution of mutualism and cheating. Her lab uses insects, plants, microbes and fungi to investigate genotype, species and community level interactions.

Possible Seminar Topics: Science and media, Controversy and science


Nominee: Doreen Goh


Brief Description: Dr. Goh received her graduate and post-doctoral training in the USA and is currently a plant biologist based in Malaysia. Her research focuses on tissue culture and micropropagation. She publishes regularly in scientific journals like Tree Genetics & Genomes, In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology. Dr. Goh has proven leadership skills as she is also the managing director of a large research group in a state sanctioned organisation (YSG Biotech, Malaysia).

Possible Seminar Topics: Careers outside of academia, Science and government


 Nominee: Max Liboiron

Brief Description: Max is an Assistant Professor in Sociology, Geography and Environmental Sciences at Memorial University, Newfoundland. She's an artist, scholar and activist turned applied conservation scientist who puts a strong focus on using ethics to guide her ocean plastics pollution research. Her work involves community outreach and collaboration with traditional ecological knowledge holders, citizen science, as well as the production of open source technology for use in grassroots environmental monitoring for toxicants.

Possible Seminar Topics: Equity and justice in the scientific process, Science and conservation, Open Source Science


Nominee: Margaret Lowman


Brief Description: Margaret has been nicknamed the “Real-life Lorax” and “Einstein of the treetops” for her work in canopy ecology. Her research focuses on insect pests, ecosystem health and biodiversity. She was the California Academy of Sciences inaugural Chief of Science and Sustainability, where she advocated for sustainable science through education and corporate interaction.

Possible Seminar Topics: Science and policy, Conservation challenges


Nominee: Sharlene Santana

Brief Description: Sharlene has several high end publications, including Nature Communications, and the covers of Functional Ecology, Proceedings of the Royal Society B and the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Her most recent research has focused on bat ecomorphology and evolution.

Possible Seminar Topics: Research and logistics in the tropics, Writing for high impact publications