Saturday, January 27, 2007

Seminar: the cultural practices of literacy (Feb 5)

Dear all - This message is to invite you to a seminar by Dr. Victoria Purcell-Gates, Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood Literacy (UBC).

The seminar will take place on the Burnaby campus here at SFU on Monday February 5th from 4:30 until 6:30 in EDB7610. The topic of her session will be "The cultural practices of literacy"

Dr. Victoria Purcell-Gates is interested in the ways in which people in communities value and practice literacy in all aspects of their lives. This includes texts, written symbol systems, purposes for reading and writing, attitudes and beliefs. Designing early literacy instruction that builds on young children's linguistic, cognitive, cultural, and social models for reading and writing that they acquired within their home communities. For those of you who may not know, she is a past winner of the prestigious Grawemeyer Award and is one of the best known researchers in the world in her field.

You can visit her website at

Other seminars that are being planned with the Faculty of Education's help this spring: On March 15th, Dr. Michael Ling (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education) will be presenting on "From Hip Hop to Habermas and back: on cultural forms and cultural imaginations" On April 4th, Dalene Swanson (post-doc at IERG) will be doing a presentation.

Please do contact me at your convenience if you have any questions,


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