Tuesday, January 16, 2007

9th International Pollination Symposium on Plant-Pollinator Relationships (June 2007, Iowa)

9th International Pollination Symposium on Plant-Pollinator Relationships - Diversity in Action
June 24 - 28, 2007
Ames, Iowa, USA

The 9th International Pollination Symposium on Plant-Pollinator Relationships - Diversity in Action, will be hosted in Ames, Iowa, on June 24-28, 2007. The Symposium will be held at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State University campus. The Symposium is expected to attract worldwide about 300 major scientists, their graduate students, and their postdoctoral fellows.

This Symposium is under the auspices of the International Commission for Plant-Bee Relationships (I.C.P.B.R.), a Commission whose history goes back to 1950. The Commission consists of a General Assembly (made up of all of its members), three working groups (Pollination, Nectar, and Bee Protection), and the Council. The three working groups meet on a frequent but irregular basis at different locations around the world, and the Symposium, the one planned at Iowa State University will be the 9th, meets less frequently and incorporates the subject areas of the three working groups. It represents the unifying meeting for all working groups.

The theme of the 9th Symposium and the sub-theme topics identified and explained on the Sub-Themes page include a variety of areas that relate to gene flow, transgenes, mating system dynamics, molecular and statistical genetic advances, conservation of plant genetic resources as well as pollinators, gene bank management, and a variety of molecular methodologies utilizing a broad base of genetic information. The Symposium will consist of one keynote speaker, four plenary speakers, 29 invited speakers, and about 300 participants who are expected to contribute between 150 to 175 individual posters.

NOTE TO POTENTIAL PRESENTERS: At this time, commitments have been made to individuals making oral presentations, and the oral presentation schedule is now full. We are accepting proposals for poster presentations. Please submit your proposals only for presentation as a poster. We thank you for your interest in presenting at this conference.

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