Thursday, January 25, 2007

nominations open for SFSS IEC (electoral commission)

The SFSS Board of Directors will be appointing a new Independent Electoral Commission (IEC; the IEC oversees the elections - including referenda - of the SFSS) at their Board meeting next Wednesday. Anyone who would like to be on the IEC should contact an SFSS Director ASAP - make sure that you also find out when & where the Board meeting will be so that you can tell the Board why they should pick you.

The Board has made it a priority to appoint an IEC early so that they will have plenty of time to plan the upcoming spring election (where a whole new Board will be voted in, and there may be a referendum on grads withdrawing from the SFSS & forming their own student association). The IEC determines most of the details of the election, including campaigning rules, whether or not to allow online voting, planning the candidate debates, whether candidates can send you emails, etc. etc. There is a stipend for these positions. If you want more info, please contact me ( or the SFSS.