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More info & deadlines: CSEE Meeting, May 17-20, 2007

Deadline for Abstract Review & Early Registration: 1 March 2007
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2nd Announcement. CSEE Meeting, University of Toronto, May 17-20, 2007

The registration page for the First General Meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecology and and Evolution is now open. This registration, page and information on the program, housing, etc are available at An overview is given below.

As you will see, we are encouraging early registration to facilitate planning.

The page is regularly updated in both languages, so please check it regularly and be patient if there appears to be delays in posting new information in one of our languages.

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Local Organizing Committee: Locke Rowe (Chair), Doug Morris (CSEE VP), Maydianne Andrade, Cait Dmitriew, Michael Kasumovic , Jessamyn Manson, Jen Perry, Jess Ward.

General Contact: Locke Rowe (
Registration Issues: Jen Perry (

CSEE Meeting, University of Toronto, May 17-20, 2007
The 1st General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution will be hosted by the University of Toronto's newly formed Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from May 17 - 20, 2007. Our goal for the 2007 CSEE meeting is to encourage scientific communication, collaboration and camaraderie between students and faculty in ecology and evolution across the country.

Plenary Speakers:
May 18 - Dr. Diane Srivastava, UBC, Ecosystem size effects on insect food webs in bromeliads.
May 19 - Dr. Aneil Agrawal, U. Toronto, Parasites, population genetics and sex.
May 20 - Dr. Ehab Abouheif, McGill, Evo-devo now and in the future.

May 18 -- Ecological Genomics
May 19 -- Gamete Evolution & Ecology
May 20 -- Natural Selection

Contributed Talks:
May 18 - 20

May 18 - 19

May 18 - Proposed Canadian Institute for Ecology & Evolution
May 19 - Species at Risk Act (SARA)

May 17 - Pre-meeting Field Trip To Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill
May 17 - Mixer