Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SFSS: Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) nominations update

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Directors is accepting nominations for students to participate on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the body that oversees the student elections and ensures a fair and judicial electoral process.

The IEC consists of four commissioners, of which one is the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). The IEC meets before, during and after the campaigning period of the student elections in order to ensure that election policies are upheld and to help govern this process. The IEC also handles concerns from candidates during the elections period and collectively decides how to address these concerns.

If anyone is interested in acquiring more information about the IEC, and what it would entail to be a commissioner or the CEO, please feel free to email me or the SFSS Board (

If you are interested in being nominated, please email the Board a statement of interest and specify why you are interested in being on the IEC. It would also be helpful to clarify whether you are interested in being a commissioner or the Chief Electoral Officer.

The Board is meeting at 4:30pm this afternoon (Wed) in the MBC and will likely discuss the nomination process to date. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting.

Andrea Sandau
University Relations Officer
Simon Fraser Student Society
Canadian Federation of Students Local 23
p: 604.291.3182