Thursday, January 18, 2007

New short natural history observations section in Am. Nat.

The American Naturalist is accepting papers for a new short observations section, "Natural History Miscellany":
The American Naturalist is pleased to announce the revival of the "Natural History Miscellany." The short observations of behavior and ecology that first appeared in the section—what often is referred to as "natural history"—were a mainstay of the journal for many decades. Natural History Miscellany submissions should be short contributions, preferably note length, that not only enlighten our understanding of the natural history of a species in important ways, but also have significance beyond the biology of the species involved by their relevance to important conceptual issues or understanding of the dimensions of biological diversity. Authors are encouraged to take advantage of the recently lowered cost of color printing ($350 a page for American Society of Naturalists members, $400 a page for nonmembers) and the capabilities of online publication to illustrate manuscripts with online photographs, sound files, videos, and other electronic media. (Am. Nat. 2006. Vol. 168, pp. ii-iii.)