Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014 caucus highlights

The most recent minutes are now available (May 26th 2014).

-No meeting in June
-Nominate your favorite grad-hosted speaker now!
-Join the demo meeting of the Science Communication Toastmasters Club

Nominate a grad-hosted speaker! 

Past speakers have spent 1-2 days in the department and have also been involved with the grad symposium providing grads ample opportunity to spend time with them. 

Suggestions are welcome for both academic and non-academic speakers. Speakers may discuss their career and/or teach skills/workshops related to topics which may include (but are not limited to) science communication, project management, science policy, etc. 

If you wish to nominate someone please email Leslie Saunders with their name, contact information, and a brief paragraph on what they do, their interests, and why they would be a good grad hosted speaker.

Nominations will be open for the next ~3 weeks (until June 20th), followed by a vote.

Science Communication Toastmasters Club

At Toastmasters meetings, you can improve your presentation skills by giving short talks to your peers. Your  presentation will be evaluated on the spot in a friendly environment. The ideal atmosphere to practice conference talks, lab meetings or poster presentations! More info:

Join the demo meeting of the brand new Science communication Toastmasters Club on June 23rd at 12-1pm in B9242. Sign up here, and invite others who might be interested! 

Contact person: Karen Lo