Thursday, January 18, 2007

momentum - SFU Student Choreographers (Jan 25-27)

The Dance Program at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts is internationally recognized for its tradition of excellence and innovation. Each year the annual student dance show provides an opportunity for the school’s student choreographers to create works of personal vision. These dance works, grounded in an intense course of study and training, are highly individual expressions, composed and performed with remarkable skill and confidence.

This year’s production, momentum, brings all these selected works together in a performance that reflects the spirit of innovation and exploration that drives our Dance Program here at SFU.

The Spring 2007 Student Dance Show momentum features works by:

Sarah Russell, Justin Reist, Su-Lin Tseng, Krystal Kohan, Bevin Poole, Leslie Nadon, Ellen Luchkow, Molly McDermott, Kim Stevenson, Starr Muranko, Davy Bisaro, Lindsey Shaw, Janine Eldridge, Olivia Shaffer, Megan Davidson, Cort Gerlock, Jaime Koleyak and Roxoliana Prus.

SFU Theatre - Burnaby Campus
January 25 at 12:30 - free admission
January 26 & 27 at 8 pm - $7 students, seniors, alumni /$10 general
Information: 604-291-3514 or email: