Monday, October 17, 2022

October Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the caucus meeting on October 13 can be found here.

Highlights include:

  • Disbursement of the departmental wage subsidy to graduate students will be discussed soon. It should amount to approx. $100 per student.
  • RA's are now part of the TSSU. SFU has until November 14 to bargain with the TSSU on new RA compensation and benefits. By Jan 1st, SFU must implement the transition to recognize and include RAs as employees.
  • SFU has launched its 2022 Tuition Conversation Survey, where they are asking for student feedback on tuition costs, structure, and implementation for research grads.
  • There will be a graduate student pumpkin carving contest – tentatively planning for the event to be held sometime in late October (24th – 28th).
  • Sherry Young will be capturing action shots at the next caucus meeting for a promotional video for the BIPOC scholarship. Reach out to Sherry ( if you have any ideas for the video!