Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lecture: Moving toward sustainable dining (Jan 18)

Continuing Studies in Science is pleased to invite you to attend a free lecture of the Speaking of Science Lecture Series "Food for Thought: Moving Toward Sustainable Dining". The lecture takes place on Thursday January 18th, 2007 at 7:00pm at Simon Fraser University's Vancouver Campus (515 West Hastings St., Vancouver), Room 1400. See below for details.

As humans, we are exploiting our natural resources beyond our global capacity and our energy demands far exceed a sustainable level. As North Americans, we are responsible for consuming the most energy in the world, on a per capita basis. One of the less obvious contributions to our energy burden is the type of food we eat.

Recently, the ecotoxicology group at SFU conducted a study to address this issue. They asked the questions: What is the ecological burden of the preparation of our daily meals? What options are there to reduce the energetic cost of meal preparation? How can the contaminant load in our daily meals be reduced?

To answer these questions they prepared a meal and then calculated the energy and contaminant burden associated with preparing that meal. They then prepared a second meal and this time the goal was sustainable dining. Here they focused on lowering the energy and contaminant burdens as much as possible while maintaining nutritional requirements.

Some of the findings of this study include: as transportation and packaging is directly related to increased energy consumption, locally produced, seasonal and organic products are the best options; and, meat, seafood, and milk products are energetically expensive and highly contaminated.

In this lecture a panel of students will describe the study and provide people with ideas on what products to buy and eat and how to reduce their individual impact on the environment and contribute towards building a healthier and more sustainable planet.

For more information about the study, including methods and assumptions, please visit our website at

The ecotoxicology group is comprised of undergraduate and graduate environmental science students and faculty of Simon Fraser University. Panel members for this presentation include. Dr. Leah Bendell-Young, professor of the course; Wade Brunham and Carlos Palomera, graduate students; and Ian Hardin, undergraduate student.

Other members of the group include:
Carolyn Allen, Paula Freedy, David Prevost, Kristin Batalha , Marriah Grey, Karen Rickards, Annthonet Bernales, Ian Hardin, Barri Rudolph, Erin Bolster, Melissa Hogg, Hanna Sander-Green, Wade Brunham, Peter Kickham, Jed Scharf, Ryan Campbell, Sarah Macdonald, Kirsten Shaw, Jacqueline Danisek, Krystal Newman, Janine Simpson, Lindsay Du Gas, Carlos Palomera, Rebecca Skucas, Carolyn Duckham, Christina Pedevilla, Jason Van Rooyen

To guarantee a seat please make a reservation by telephoning 604-291-5100.

Thursday January 18, 2007
7:00 p.m.
515 West Hastings, Simon Fraser University's Vancouver Campus
Room 1400

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