Monday, February 12, 2007

Yodzis Colloquium: Applied Evolution: Understanding the Past, Predicting the Future" (convenient for CSEE attendees!)

University of Guelph has anounced the 4th annual Peter Yodzis Colloquium in Functional Ecology, and it'll be held in the 2 days before the CSEE annual meeting, an hour's drive from Toronto (where CSEE is being held). This year's theme is "Applied Evolution: Understanding the Past, Predicting the Future".

"The colloquium will focus on the mechanistic basis of adaptation and the potential to predict adaptive evolution in pure and practical applications. There will be a series of keynote lectures and an open poster session, all at a pace conducive to conversation and interaction." (

Confirmed speakers include:
Graham Bell (McGill University)
Michael Lynch (Indiana University)
Patricia Schulte (University of British Columbia)
Ruth Shaw (University of Minnesota)
John Willis (Duke University)