Monday, February 12, 2007

Student reps needed: university hiring committees

Hello Everyone,

This is a quick notice to inform people of two opportunities to sit on hiring committees, aka search committees, within the University. Ideally, one director from the Student Society and one student representative from the University at-large will participate in each of the hiring committees. The information about each committee, (albeit not necessarily complete information) is posted below. Since the work of these committees may commence this week, please respond ASAP if you are interested in either one and I will pass your information onto the appropriate person. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Forum Reps, please pass this information onto your student union or caucus. I sincerely appreciate your assistance in consistently doing so.

1. Search Committee for Director, Enrollment Services:
The candidate profile input session will be the week of Feb 12 - 16th.

The committee membership will be as follows: Registrar/Director Student Services, Two Student Representatives ­ one SFSS, Two Faculty Representatives ­ one SFUFA, One other Senior Director, One direct report to the position, One line report to the position, Committee support: Secretary to the Registrar

The committee will start to meet the week of 12-16th. A complete list of dates and times are still to be determined, but the time commitment will be something like this:

* 4 1.5 hr meetings
* 1/2 day to reveiw resumes
* Interviews of the candidates (probably 3, 1 - 2 hrs each)

2. Search Committee for Associate Registrar, Information Services:

I don't have information about the dates or times that this committee intends to meet, but I am confident that it will be very shortly, if not this week. I will find out the appropriate information and get back to y'all. My hunch is that the responsibility of the Associate Registrar, Information Services is to oversee on-line registration systems (SIMS), and such.

Please get back to me ASAP if you're interested in either of these opportunities!!


Andrea Sandau
University Relations Officer
Simon Fraser Student Society
Canadian Federation of Students Local 23
p: 604.291.3182 |