Monday, February 26, 2007

Changes to University Policies

Please note that the following policies have been revised or newly-approved.

The gazette of all policies can be found on the Internet at:

B 10.11 -- Signing Authorizations (Effective February 1, 2007)

This Policy sets out the authority of various University Officers to make financial commitments on behalf of the University; therefore, it is of special interest to all those who hold signing authority at all levels and in all departments. Board approval is required for commitments exceeding $2 million, with the exception of specific research equipment and services funded outside operating and capital funds. A variety of other signing level thresholds are also set out in this Policy, along with clear outlines of the responsibilities of signing officers. A one-page document summarizing the 16 signing resolutions may be accessed by following the link on the first page of the pdf file.

AD 11.21 -- Ethical Procurement (Effective November 25, 2005)

The Policy establishes the ethical procurement of goods and services as a guiding principle in University procurement practices, articulates some of the University's and its Suppliers' responsibilities during the procurement process, and creates the Ethical Purchasing Committee.

Note: Although approved in November 2005, the posting of this Policy has been delayed pending the approval of Part B (Guidelines and Procedures). Although Part B is not yet approved, the Policy is being posted to provide guidance on the subject of ethical procurement.

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to Robert Szczotko, Director of Purchasing, at 604-291-3256 or email

B 10.09 -- Investment Governance Policy (Effective February 1, 2007)

In addition to minor editorial changes, changes to Schedules 1 and 2 of the policy. Schedule 1 specifically includes references to private equities and limited partnerships as approved equity investments. Schedule 2 approves a new Benchmark Index for Global Equities and increases the target allocations to total equities in the Endowment Fund from 65% to 70% by reducing the allocation o Canadian Equities from 40% to 35%, increasing the allocation from Global Equities from 25% to 35%, and reducing the allocation to Fixed Income from 33% to 28%.

AD 3.15 -- Investment Management Operating Procedures (Effective January 25, 2007)

These Procedures are ancillary to Policy B 10.09 (Investment Governance Policy) and have been revised due to the rapid growth and complexity of the University's investment portfolios. They will allow the University to broaden its investment opportunities and further diversity its mandates and activities in order to reduce financial risk.

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to Jim Boyd, Treasurer, at 604-291-4013 or email

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