Monday, December 04, 2006

SFSS impeachments upheld!

This email was just send to Forum:
Hi everyone,

This is a quick note to let you all know that this morning the BC Supreme Court ruled on the SGM. The judge dismissed the petition, and ruled that the SGM & impeachments are all valid. The judge also ordered that the individual impeached Directors pay costs.

We will send out a more details explanation of the judge's decision this afternoon.


Clea Moray, Deena Rubuliak & Adam Lein (Forum Reps)
This email was just to GIC:
Hello GIC,

Please forward this to your caucuses.

The judge has upheld the results of the SGM and the Forum meeting where the SGM was called. He said that even if the Forum meeting was invalid he still would have made the SGM valid because it was the true will of the people and Shawn, et. al., made explicit attempts to prevent us from doing what we are legally allowed to do. He also made the individual directors responsible for the costs of the trial.

Please encourage everyone to come out to the GIC meeting on Wednesday at 12:30 in the grad lounge to have a good round of applause in support of all your hard work and to discuss the next step in ensuring grad students have a say, namely in the by-election.

thank you,

Ben Milne and Joel Blok