Saturday, December 02, 2006

By-election poll clerk hiring confusion

For those of you who tried to apply for the polling clerk positions on Friday (after standing in line for a long time, I've heard), please read the 2nd paragraph of the post below this one for a partial explanation of why the hiring didn't happen on Friday as it was supposed to. In follow-up to that, I have not yet been able to get any confirmation that Wei Li has actually instructed the staff to disregard his earlier memo that had stopped the hiring. However, the court ruling is expected at 9:30 on Monday, at which point either (1) Wei Li will cease to have any power over the staff (SGM upheld), or (2) the by-election will be presumably be cancelled (SGM overturned - I consider this unlikely).

Assuming that the by-election is proceeding, polling clerks are still needed. I assume that there will be information out very early next week about the hiring of polling clerks.

-- Clea Moray