Thursday, December 07, 2006

Openings for students on Faculty Structure Task Force

There are openings for 1 grad, and 1 undergrad. As best as I can gather, the job of this task force is to try to figure out how to implement planned changes to the Faculties structure at SFU (this is "phase 2" referred to in a previous post about this task force). The Board will probably vote to recommend someone, so if you're interested, show up at the next Board meeting (probably Dec 21st), email an SFSS Director, or contact task force chair (& VP Finance) John Waterhouse directly. I hear that there will also be subcommittees formed later with other openings for students. Details: task force will operate from Jan-Nov 2007, and carries a fairly high workload (perhaps a 3 hour meeting every 2-3 weeks, plus reviewing proposals, etc).