Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grad Student Contributions to the Peak

Hi everyone, 
In the aftermath of the Grad Student Referendum where grads almost pulled funding from the Peak, a few of us met with David Proctor, news editor, and Graham Templeton, Opinions Editor of the Peak yesterday.  After a lengthy conversation regarding graduate student representation in the paper, the Peak has agreed to track grad student submissions and has committed to a "pilot project" that will see an increase in grad-relevant and grad-authored content. 
Our ultimate goal is to have a dedicated grad student section and grad issues editor, but this is the first step in that process. In order to demonstrate that grads will be able to provide enough content to support a dedicated section, we need your help. 
Please write an article for the Peak. This can fall under the rubric of any of the sections (ie Humour, Sports, Opinion, Features, News, Arts). Your article can be about anything you'd like--your experience as a grad student, on or off campus challenges that come with being a student (ie funding, childcare, housing, etc), your research, your work as a TA/TM, grad student life (both social and political) get the idea. 
Submit your articles to David Proctor:
Please indicated GRAD STUDENT SUBMISSION in the subject line. 
If possible, please cc
It's really important that we submit a variety of articles so that we can work towards making this campus paper one that better reflects graduate student news and issues. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
In solidarity, 
Jen Scott
Organizer, TSSU