Grad Hosted Speaker


The Annual Biology Grad Hosted Speaker event aims to engage the Biology Graduate Students by inviting a scientist that the student body is excited to interact with by discussing science, supporting skills, and career paths. This enables students to meet and showcase their role models to their peers. Through nominations and polling to choose each year's speaker, the annual event prompts students to take ownership of their education.


In 2005, the Biology Graduate Caucus inaugurated the Annual Biology Grad Hosted Speaker event. In 2017/2018, the Biology Graduate Caucus invited two speakers for the first time in an academic year, which inaugurated the Annual Fall Grad Hosted Speaker, and continued the tradition of the Annual Spring Grad Hosted Speaker.


Invited speakers will have contributed significantly to the field of Biology, are often notable for their skills in science communication, advocacy, productivity, or other achievements. Over the course of a two day stay, the invited speaker delivers a one hour seminar, meets one on one with labs and graduate students, and hosts a skills or discussion based workshop. The seminar usually highlights the speakers' scientific achievements, while the workshop focusses on other complimentary skills or life experiences.

Going forward, the Biology Graduate Caucus is committed to nominating and inviting a variety of scientists; keeping in mind the diversity of voices that exist in science and Biology. We all benefit from a diversity of role models, and many of us (students) are further encouraged by being able to see and interact with such scientific leaders that we can more personally identify with. Furthermore, it's important that our hosted speakers also reflect the diversity of subjects that are encompassed in the Biology Department: molecules to ecosystems, and curiosity based or applied science.