Monday, May 03, 2010

BISC Caucus Election Results

Hello Everyone,

Below are the results of the election from last Friday. Congratulations to all the winners!

    1. Chair - Brett Favaro

    2. Associate Chair - Stephanie Green

    3. Secretary - Matt Huntley

    4. Treasurer - Dhani Kalidasan

    5. Member at Large - Janey Lam

    6. Webmaster - Alex Chubaty

    7. Event Committee Officers (3 positions) -  vacant

    8. GSS Representative - Thomas Unsoeld

    9. TSSU Steward - Brian LaBore

    10. Faculty Mole - Samineh Deheshi

    11. DSC Representative (1 position, 2-year term) - Samantha Franks

    12. DGSC Representative 1-yr term - Jenn
Sunday; 2-yr term - Erica Jeffery

    12. International Students Representative - Muhammad Arshad

We also voted and
passed four constitutional amendments as follows:

1. Lines 122, 123: Clarify that there are two representative positions each for the Departmental Grad Studies Committee (DGSC) and Departmental Scholarship Committee (DSC)
2. Lines 151: Specify that Graduate Council refers to GSS Council
3. Lines 157-162:  Clarify that officer and representative positions are for one-year terms except for DGSC and DSC rep positions which can be for one- or two-year terms, such that there is always a one year overlap between the positions.
4. Lines 185-186: Specify that when there is only one nomination for any given position, not just for the GSS council rep, that position must still be ratified by a majority at a caucus meeting.

Please find the updated constitution at

Thank you
Isabelle Raymond