Friday, May 21, 2010

Biology Bike-to-Work-Week

Dear all,

Bike to work week is fast approaching: May 31-June 6.

As you may know, the Biology Department is getting *quite* the reputation for having a pretty large turn out every year.  However, the point of Bike-to-work-week is to have NEW people cycle in, who have perhaps never done it before.  So, if you've been bike-curious, now is the time to try!

You don't need to bike every day in the week, nor go all the way up the hill, in order to be on the team.  The point is to make steps towards the challenge.

FREE Pancake Breakfast:
Tuesday, June 1st
Pancake breakfast for cyclists at the Cornerstone Square
Come and get info, bike routes, give you opinion about biking resources on campus, meet people who cycle, enter draws for prizes.

To join the SFU Biology Team, simply sign up here:
This great website allows you to log all of your trips and computes your mileage and carbon offset.

On this website, you'll need to find the SFU Biology team:
Organization: Simon Fraser University
Workplace location: SFU - Burnaby Campus
Team: Biology Department

Jenn Sunday