Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, 3:30-4:30pm -- Caucus elections, constitutional amendments

Hello everyone,

Reminder that, in addition to amending our constitution, we will be holding elections at the caucus meeting this Friday, 3:30-4:30pm, in the grad lounge. 

*We are still looking for nominations for the following*:

    - 1 Treasurer
    - 2 Events Committee Officers (in particular, someone to help out with organizing the beverage side of things in the fall)

A. Elections will be held for the following positions (nominees in brackets):

    1. Events Committee Officers (3) (Anna Drake, Brendan Connors, _________ )

    2. Chair (Isabelle Raymond)

    3. Associate Chair (Janey Lam)

    4. Secretary (Juliana Yeung)

    5. Treasurer ( __________ )

    6. Member at Large (Erica Jeffery)

    7. Webmaster (Alex Chubaty)

    8. GSS Rep (Thomas Unsoeld)

    9. TSSU Steward (Mike Wogin)

    10. Faculty Mole (Simon Goring)

    11. DSC Rep (Rian Dickson)

    12. International Students Rep (Muhammad Arashad)

B. Amending the Constitution (attached).

    Summary of proposed amendments:

  1. Out-of-date statements regarding the Caucus' relationship with the SFSS have been replaced with appropriate references to the GSS.
  2. Three new Events Committee positions will be created. The Events Committee is defined as "consisting of three officers who will share duties in a fair and equitable manner. The powers and duties of the Events Committee are limited to the following:

1.     To assist one another in organizing and co-coordinating caucus events under the guidance and assistance of the Chair and the Associate Chair;

2.     To recruit and direct caucus volunteers who will assist with running these events."

  1. The Chair and Associate Chair's duties will now include "To oversee and co-coordinate the events organized by the Events Committee."
  2. The Webmaster will be recognized as an official officer of the caucus, and elections will be held for this position accordingly. The duties of the Webmaster will be to "update and maintain the Caucus website."
  3. Elections of caucus officers and representatives will now follow the elections procedures outlined by the GSS for caucus representatives. Notably:
    1. "The term for the elected officer or representative shall be one year starting on May 1st and ending on April 30th of the following year."
    2. "If only one person is nominated for the position of Council Representative, that position must still be ratified by a majority at a quorated caucus meeting."

Thank you,

Erica Jeffery
BISC Caucus Chair