Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Caucus Election Results

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to the following newly (re-)elected caucus officers and representatives!

Chair -- Isabelle Raymond (iraymond@sfu.ca)
Associate Chair -- Janey Lam (jlami@sfu.ca)
Secretary -- Juliana Yeung (jyeungd@sfu.ca)
Events Committee Officers:
         -- Anna Drake (aedrake@sfu.ca)
         -- Justin Suraci (jps12@sfu.ca)
-- Brendan Connors (bconnors@sfu.ca)
Member at Large -- Erica Jeffery (ejeffery@sfu.ca)
Webmaster -- Alex Chubaty (achubaty@sfu.ca)
GSS Rep -- Thomas Unsold (tunsold@sfu.ca)
TSSU Steward -- Mike Wogin (mjw10@sfu.ca)
Faculty Mole -- Simon Goring (sgoring@sfu.ca)
Department Scholarships Committee Rep -- Rian Dickson (rdd@sfu.ca)
International Students Rep -- Muhammad Arshad (maa44@sfu.ca)

As well, all of our constitutional amendments were approved -- once it is ratified by the GSS, the amended document will be posted on our caucus website.

Have a great summer!

- Erica