Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SFSS bank accounts still frozen - even the pub is at imminent risk!

In today's Forum meeting it was reported that the SFSS bnak accounts are still frozen. The bank had indicated a while ago that they would unfreeze the accounts if the contested/impeached Directors would relinquish signing authority until the court rules on the validity of the SGM. These individuals have categorically refused to do this, although it would in no way hinder their court case. Today or yesterday they were presented witht he option that an independent trustee could take over the signing authority in the interim. They have refused this option also. The remaining Directors are still working hard to try to find another interim solution, but if they can't find one by Friday, the result may include (1) the temporary closing of the Pub, the Ladle, and the Higher Grounds coffee shop, (2) all SFSS staff being temporarily laid off, (3) the loss of $20,000 in student bursaries. Note that layoffs would presumably include health plan coordinator Kathy Brackley, but that it *seems* at this time that no disruption of the health plan itself is likely to occur unless things aren't cleared up by the end of the semester (unlikely). If you would like to email the impeached persons with signing authority and ask them to relinquish their signing authority until the court ruling so that the funds can be unfrozen, their emails are:

Vanessa Kelly:
Glyn Lewis:
Wei Li:
Shawn Hunsdale: