Friday, April 16, 2010

We still need Caucus nominations!

Hello grads,

We have nominees for most positions, but we still need nominations for Secretary, Associate Chair, and Events committee officer (3 positions).

Please look here for info about the duties of these positions:

The duties of the Secretary are really fairly straightforward. You need to attend Caucus meetings, take minutes, then write them up and send them to everyone, and that's really pretty much it.

The Associate Chair is basically there to help the Chair and share in the chairing duties. The events committee, along with the Chair and Associate Chair, and other grad volunteers, organize caucus events.

Please send me your nominations before April 22nd.

A. Elections will be held for the following positions (Nominees in parentheses):

    1. Chair (Brett Favaro)

    2. Associate Chair

    3. Secretary

    4. Treasurer (Dhani Kalidasan)

    5. Member at Large (Janey Lam)

    6. Webmaster (Alex Chubaty)

    7. Event Committee Officers (3 positions)   

    8. GSS Representative (Thomas Unsoeld)

    9. TSSU Steward (Brian LaBore)

    10. Faculty Mole (Samineh Deheshi, Juliana Yeung)

    11. DSC Representative (1 position, 2-year term) (Samantha Franks)

    12. DGSC Representative (Jenn Sunday, 1-year term) (Erica Jeffery, 2-year term)

    12. International Students Representative

B. Proposed constitutional amendments

 1. There are two rep positions for the DGSC and DSC.  

 2. Officer and representative positions are for one-year terms except for DGSC and DSC rep positions which can be for two-year terms.
 3. When there is only one nomination for any given position, not just for the GSS council rep, that position must still be ratified by a majority at a caucus meeting.
 4. Amendments to the constitution no longer require ratification by the GSS and become binding upon approval by Caucus.

Thank you,
Isabelle Raymond
BISC Caucus Chair