Monday, August 28, 2023

July 2023 Meeting Minutes


Link to the full meeting minutes can be found here

Key Updates


- Looking for an individual that would be eager to take over the chair position! Brett is resigning at the end of the semester. Email Brett with any questions about the position.


- Eligible students Masters (within the first two years) and PHDs (within their first four years) should keep an eye out a random TARA in the fall, as this is the BISC bump up. More information on if you will actually need to accept the TARA is coming.


- PHD students within the first four years and a CGPA of 3.5 and higher will be eligible for an award of 5400$ for the year (split between the semesters). More announcements will follow closer to September.

- Senate graduate studies have proposed changes on leaves of work to no longer require doctors’ notes and remove the 3 term leave limit


- TSSU is trying to get RAs recognized as part of the union, so if you haven’t already, they are asking for you to sign the RA card. Come to our next meeting to learn more!


- Further planning on Fall Welcome BBQ will happen over Slack, will be held the first week of September. Don’t hesitate to join the slack if you have a passion for event planning or join the next meeting!