Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the February 2020 BISC Graduate Caucus meeting are available here.

The DGSC student reps, currently Melissa Orobko and Sarah Johnson, will be inserting important updates from the committee into Caucus update emails from now on! To begin, Melissa and Sarah would like to emphasize that they are both open to hearing any individual graduate student concerns, especially with student-supervisor conflict, and assisting in any way they are able to. They keep any information 100% confidential and may be able to assist with mediation through the DGSC.

Also, to help address confusion about degree requirements:
  • The SFU Calendar has the most formal, binding requirements for completing your degree program. Any changes to these SFU Calendar requirements that happen after your start date do not apply to you. Note that the link to the most current calendar changes each semester.
  • Therefore, we highly recommend you look at the degree requirements in the SFU Calendar for your program for the semester in which you started (archived versions are HERE).
  • Information that is only found on the Biology website can be updated on an ongoing basis and these updates do apply to you on an ongoing basis.
  • Therefore, we highly recommend that you review this page on the Biology website, especially before starting to prepare for any major upcoming event (e.g. transfer to PhD, Master's proposal, APR details, candidacy exam) to find the most up-to-date information on it. Jenny Cory (the DGSC Chair) is in the process of re-organizing this page so it should look different in a month or two.