Monday, November 02, 2015

T-Shirt Competition-Voting opens November 2nd!

The Biology T-shirt Design Competition is now closed! Thank you to everyone who sent in a design. If you didn't get a chance to put in a design, don't despair! You can still participate by voting for your favourite design! Voting opens November 2nd and closes November 6th, so remember to get your votes in!

Design 1 by Sally Kwon
What a hunk that mitochondria is!

Design 2 by Sasha Makhneva
Sasha's design is based on a cross section of a blade of grass. Who knew grass cross sections could look so happy!

Design 3 by Jessica Leung
Us biologists do live a double-life, as captured by Jessica's design
 Design 4 by Simon Valdez
Front logo (SFU Biology) and back. All the images are from pictures taken either by Simon or his wife. Check out his amazing photographs at

Design 5 by Colin Bailey
Can you find all the creatures hidden in Colin's design?
Design 6 by Laura Ulrich
It's impossible to fit all of life's diversity into one design, but Laura sure tried!

Design 7 by Marinde Out
Marinde has offered this versatile design, which she has kindly offered to switch the toes up with other pictures if requested. 

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