Monday, November 16, 2009

GSS Volunteer positions: Electoral Committee (Paid positions!)

The GSS is looking for graduate student volunteers for these PAID positions!

There are spots for three members on the Electoral Committee. Two of
them (including the CEO) must be SFU graduate students who do not
currently hold the position of an Officer, an Executive, or even a
Council rep (translation: just a regular old SFU graduate student).
None of the members of the Electoral Committee can be a candidate for
an Exec position starting January 2009. One can be a Council or Exec
member, and even could be a current Exec member that is not running
for a position next year.

-The CEO gets paid between $200 (if the positions are filled by
acclamation) and $400 (if there is a candidate run-off) per election
or referendum.
-The other members of the Electoral Committee are paid between $100
and $200 per election or referendum, for the same reasons above.
-All members are paid $50 per other undertaking for which they are
tasked by the Executive Committee (things that aren't elections or
-This counts as service work on your CV.
-The work is minimal, there is a handbook that was created by a former
CEO detailing everything that needs to be done for these positions,
and we are readily available to answer questions.
-The GSS is pretty neat!

Interested members should send a really short paragraph introducing
themselves, their department, and some reasons why they would like to
serve on the EC to either the Secretary or President ( or


Elaine Parker, Executive Director
The Graduate Student Society at Simon Fraser University

MBC 2211, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6
(778) 782-8710  --