Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Change to Appendix III, AD 1.12 (Selling, Serving and Advertising Liquor)

Extensive changes have been made to Appendix III of Policy AD 1.12 on Selling, Serving and Advertising Liquor. After almost one year's experience with the previous form and process, we have expanded Appendix III to provide more detailed information around the University's expectations on how to prepare for events that require a Special Occasion License (SOL)s and have more clearly outlined the process for getting an SOL.

In an attempt to be concise, the brevity of the earlier form instead lead to confusion. Therefore, although the documentation is now longer, the process involved is not, but should be much easier to understand for those seeking a Special Occasion License. Guidelines are also provided that should be particularly useful in planning for large SOL events, which appear likely to become more common.

The revised process and form can be found at by clicking on the link in Appendix III to the pdf form.


K.C. Bell
Director, Special Projects