Thursday, February 15, 2007

Frances Moore Lappé : Exploring Democracy's Edge

SFU Dialogue Programs presents a dialogue and workshop with
Frances Moore Lappé
Exploring Democracy's Edge: dialogue
Thursday March 1, 2007 | 7 pm-9:00 pm
DLOG 410 | $25
Exploring Democracy's Edge: workshop
Friday March 2, 2007 | 9:30 am-noon
DLOG 415 | REG $170 | DISC $136
You must register for this workshop concurrently with DLOG 410
Frances Moore Lappé is the author of fifteen books including Democracy's Edge, and the 1971 bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet, which continues to awaken readers to the human-made causes of hunger and the power of our everyday choices to create the world we want.

"We are living in an extraordinary historical moment," says Lappé, "one in which anti-democratic forces seem to be ascending while at the same time -- invisible to most of us -- a powerful current is stirring that may well take us to democracy's next historical stage. Imagine you can be part of that."
Join Frances Moore Lappé as she shows participants how citizens around the world are discovering the power within themselves to act on democracy's core values and find solutions to society's toughest problems.

Growing numbers of Americans recognize that today's problems are too pervasive, deep and complex to be solved by experts from above. So they are rethinking power, self-interest, and public life to put themselves at the center of problem solving.

This form of living democracy is the evolving practice of citizens reframing democracy's meaning - from something done to us or for us to democracy as an engaging, life-enhancing, everyday practice.
Space is available for this dialogue and workshop. Please inquire about our group, student and non-profit rates. For more information or registration, contact, 604.268.7925 or see:

Supported in part by the ICBC Civil Economy Endowment.


Nicole Mah
Program Coordinator
Dialogue Programs, Simon Fraser University