Thursday, November 30, 2006

SFSS - 1st day in court

I attended the SFSS court hearing earlier today. Don Crane (attorney for the Petitioners - the impeached Directors) presented his arguments to the judge, and Susan Coristine (attorney for Respondent Jan Gunn and unimpeached Directors) presented the first half of her arguments. Court adjourned for the day at approximately 4 pm, and will resume tomorrow at 10 am. Tomorrow, Coristine will present the remainder of her arguments, Ulf Ottho (attorney for Respondents Titus Gregory and Bryan Jones) will present his arguments, and Don Crane will present his reply to the arguments of Coristine and Ottho. It's possible - but unlikely - that the judge will deliver his ruling tomorrow. More likely, he will take a few days to consider the arguments, and issue a ruling sometime next week.

- Clea Moray